BIO of Custodial Coaching Founder Wendy Feldman


Wendy Feldman is unique. She is a Legal Coach and Crisis Manager, and the leading expert on Alternative Sentencing today. The ultimate insider, Wendy is well established with various media outlets and also has a solid reputation in courts all over the country. As a coach she works with people to prepare for court, investigations, incarceration, alternative sentences and most importantly, re-entry into society. She works the entire family to assemble the proper team for the best long term results. Others have turned their criminal justice experiences into major platforms for change and awareness, but none have been able to present all sides of the story from personal experience.

Wendy Feldman uses creative ways to help her clients that include community service and residential treatment programs. Having been there and done that, Wendy knows what anybody facing prison time can expect and separates fact from fiction. NBC calls her the Legal Fixer and CBS calls her the "real life Olivia Pope." She has worked with over 1000 clients from custody cases and civil disputes to violent crime charges.

She knows first hand the journey that awaits a person whose choices have landed them in our criminal justice system. Wendy coined the term Incarcervention™. She prepares her clients for it all, while pushing them to get real, be honest and lead happier and productive lives. Wendy believes that prison should be a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience and the ultimate equalizer. Neither pro offender nor pro law enforcement, she believes in Equal Justice and understands all sides. She teaches clients to GET REAL, GET OVER IT AND GET HOME so they can start earning back the trust they broke with their families and society.

Wendy Feldman is a member of the Pasadena Police Department’s mental health advisory committee and together they formed a revolutionary legal wellness program that strives to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.

She is the author of the popular blog Notes From an Insider- and has recently been part of stories featured on, CBS Early Show, Today, Geraldo at Large, Fox News, NBC News, Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell, Nancy Grace, E! Entertainment, E! News, Extra, Access Hollywood, TMZ, Wendy Williams, Discovery Network, BBC, WNYC, The Washington Post, Slate Magazine, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, In Touch Magazine,US Magazine, People Magazine, Fox, Los Angeles Times, The Kyle and Jackie O Show,  The Judith Regan Show and others. She is a regular on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.

Wendy is featured on the E! series Secret Societies of Hollywood and ABC News.